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Everything and everything

It’s kinda hard to explain it. Overwhelming and completely normal. That feeling that you just want to be better. You want to be healthier. You want to be kinder. You have your priorities figured out. You realize you don’t have all the time in… Continue Reading “Everything and everything”

Life in the midst of darkness

On this day, an extraordinarily normal thing happened to an extraordinary ordinary family during anything-but-normal times: A child was born to a NYC couple, the woman, age 29, the father, 30. This girl-child greeted her teacher-mother and first-year med-school dad soon after lunch time,… Continue Reading “Life in the midst of darkness”

Chapter 3: Waiting for Baby in the Eye of a Pandemic Storm

It’s hard not to worry. We’re in the midst of a world health crisis and my full-term+ daughter is on the NYC subway heading to her Manhattan elementary school to finalize plans for remote teaching. She is healthy. So is the baby. Thank God.… Continue Reading “Chapter 3: Waiting for Baby in the Eye of a Pandemic Storm”

Corona Virus 19 Chronicles: Chapter 2

March 19, 2020 Not everyone is crazy. Waiting-to-delivery Katie and I walked to the neighborhood grocery store to pick up some milk and a couple of dinners in preparation of hanging out at the apartment post-baby, and discovered reason and sanity still exists. The… Continue Reading “Corona Virus 19 Chronicles: Chapter 2”

The Corona Virus 19 Chronicles: Chapter 1

Friday The 13th 2020 I’m sitting at the LAX Farmer’s Market waiting to board a plane to NYC to be with Katie and Jason as they labor through the ancient labor of meeting their beautiful child of hope. Our little girl will be born… Continue Reading “The Corona Virus 19 Chronicles: Chapter 1”

It’s been way too long and welcome to Hans Solo Valentine’s Weekend in Napa

Solo Valentine’s Day Trip to Napa Day 1: I’m at LAX waiting for my flight to Napa for the Boissett Ambassador’s Retreat. By myself! It’s kindof a Big Deal. First, I’m taking a plane. I doubt that I have flown on a plane more… Continue Reading “It’s been way too long and welcome to Hans Solo Valentine’s Weekend in Napa”

Does Oprah have to report to Jury Duty?

I’m doing my civic duty. I am waiting to see if I’m selected to serve on a jury. I want to. And I don’t. I want to do my part. But I don’t want to spend so much time away from the classroom, from… Continue Reading “Does Oprah have to report to Jury Duty?”

Sunday night bliss

Refocus. Family crap is crap. Not gonna ruin my night. Refocus: The backyard pond. The Edison lights stretching across the fire pit, wired to the 50′ Christmas pines we planted in 1994, the year we moved in. An unexpected rain shower expected in exactly… Continue Reading “Sunday night bliss”

A Girl’s Just Gotta Get Away Sometimes

It’s ancient history: 10 days ago I was almost gone. As in, not here. Away. 200 miles north–the there, there of my constant thoughts: The ocean. The rain. The green rolling hills, the space, the freedom–the wine! #CentralCoast, my home away from home. My… Continue Reading “A Girl’s Just Gotta Get Away Sometimes”

Be Fearless

All is well in the land of Normal. Day off work. Day away from the classroom. Day with a mere two hours of grading vs. 4.5. A day to have a third cup of coffee. A day with a schedule that looks like this:… Continue Reading “Be Fearless”