The Corona Virus 19 Chronicles: Chapter 1

Friday The 13th 2020

I’m sitting at the LAX Farmer’s Market waiting to board a plane to NYC to be with Katie and Jason as they labor through the ancient labor of meeting their beautiful child of hope. Our little girl will be born soon…but not before Grandma gets there, God willing!

I have to admit, it’s kinda sad here at LAX. People in masks. Surgeon hand washing in the rest rooms—using elbows to turn on water–no one dare touching surfaces. No one acknowledging each other. There’s definitely a somberness to the airport. And a strange calmness. And then there’s Rock N’ Brews. No one seems worried at L.A.’s rowdy drinking station. 

I’ve decided that even though I don’t like beer, we aught-to toast our Year of the C.V. 19 wee one with Corona Beer. No, on second thought, bad taste. Literally, to my wine taste buds and public perception.

Cheers to one and all. Enjoy each historic moment. Because they all are-every single one of them. Be kind. Life IZ Good. Baby Hope is about to enter the world. We gotta get it together for our little ones.

In the meantime, I’m about to enjoy a glass of non-Boisset wine (Aussie red blend-$12 a glass—actually not that bad!) and calm down from all the turmoil. 

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