Spring “Break” 2021

Baby Millie’s in da house! She’s a year old now; active, smiling, eating and pooping up a storm. Lil’ Gboy B-man is at the homestead, along with his older cousin, Jack. Daughter’s upstairs remote teaching and I’m holding down the roost as bubbles and a mini margarita liven up the already lively Spring Break 2021. But one can’t help but reflect upon how different this year is from last! Birds are chirping, the traffic outside is sporadic, but destination-bound. The baby monitor is purring as Mill takes her afternoon siesta. The boys, at least for now, are occupying themselves with traps and trains. The dogs too, are quiet, sleeping in the springy Spring afternoon sun.

All is well in the world. We went camping over the weekend with the baby and my son and his crew. The Easter Bunny joined us as the glorious Sunday sun rose as the kids hunted for eggs. Life Really IZ Good! Glory be to God.

Change is edging forward.

In eight weeks I will be retired from teaching 8th graders.

In eight weeks, my son-in-law, who is studying for a big med exam, will have the test behind him.

In eight weeks, I will be 65.1 month years young.

In eight weeks, hopefully, everyone in our family will be vaccinated from Covid-19.

In eight weeks, I will have concluded 20 years in the teaching profession, plus 14 years as a journalist, for a total of 34 9 to 5+++++ years working for a paycheck.

Soon, it will be forever. I can go out for coffee with my friends during the week and not feel bogged down by grading and class responsibilities. Soon, I can work on writing projects, a podcast that’s been in development for 1.5 years. I can go camping in the Fall. I can camp during the week. I can go for walks. I can sleep in. I can stay up late. I can work around the garden whenever I want. I can play with art and go to the art museum in the middle of the week. I can be more flexible with child care assistance. And what I’m most looking forward to, discovering a me that’s been on hold for a very long time.

I sense a great deal of stress will melt away. I sense the life I wanted to live when I was a girl, I’m about to get a chance to live. Only better. Because along the way, I’ve become way hipper. Wiser, you could say. And humble. I know every day is precious.

But for now, duty calls. The kids are in da house and they need their g-ma!

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